Red Snapper (Tamboshi)



Available as cut in cubes with Bone n Skin.

## Minimum 1 kg


Red Snapper is an exotic seafood hailing originally from the US and other tropical regions esp in the gulf of Mexico. However it is easily available now in the Indian coastal waters also. It lends itself to a variety of tasty preparations such as fish curry, fish fry, It is available either as fillets or steaks. It is very popular due to its firm meat and attractive color.


Nutrient (per 170 gm) Fillet
Calories 218
Protein (grams) 45
Total Fat (Grams) 2.9
Carbs 0
Saturated Fat (grams) 0.6
Monounsaturated Fat (grams) 0.6
Polyunsaturated Fat (Grams) 1
Cholestrol (Milligrams) 80
Sodium (milligrams) 97

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