Mangalore Bangude (Mackerel) Rawa Fry

bangda - bangude fry

Prep Time: 30 mins

Cook Time: 30 mins

Total Time: 30 mins

Ingredients used in Mangalore Bangude (Mackerel) Rawa Fry

  • Tamarind pulp water-enough to make it in to a paste – 10 ml.
  • Pepper powder – 1 teaspoons.
  • Coriander powder – 2 tablespoons.
  • Chilli powder – 3 tablespoons.
  • Turmeric – 2 tablespoons.
  • Mackerel fresh and good in size – 4 numbers.
  • Salt to taste – 2 teaspoons.
  • Semolina( rawa) – 2 cup.
  • Coconut oil – 6 tablespoons.


  • Bangude means Mackerel in coastal north Karnataka and udipi coastal line. This is a combinationalways goes well with rice daal.
  • Its very simple to make. Get a nice medium or Good size Fresh Mackerels(Bangude). Clean the fish without beheading it. Once cleaned run knife on the body edges in slant as it would slit in slant on either sides.
  • Apply salt and Turmeric and keep aside till you prepare the ingredients(marinating) required to fry.
  • And they are Red chilly powder ,Coriander powder, pepper powder, ginger garlic paste, salt, tamarind pulp water and semolina for coating .
  • Mix the above together and make it in to a paste apply the paste on the Mackerel (Bangude). once this paste Is applied keep the fish for about 10 to 15 minutes so it absorbs the ingredients and it would give a wonder full taste.
  • Heat the pan with Oil if possible Coconut oil. and now apply the semolina on the fish coat it nicely and place it on the pan see to it that oil is not too much .
  • The mackerel will nicely cook any how . Once the semolina is dark brown turn the sides you can also use hot oil from the pan and keep on spilling on the other side of the fish while frying them , which will add to crisp and better cooking of the mackerel serve it with sliced lemon.
  • This fish fry goes very well with nice white steam rice daal .Try it.

Mangalore Bangude (Mackerel) Rawa Fry

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