Bangda (Mackerel – Curry Cut)



Size: 10-12 fish in a Kg | Cut in Two Half  | Cleaned & Curry Cut | Weighed Before Cleaning – 20 % – 30 % Wastage after cleaning /Kg

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Bangda is a species of mackerel in the scombrid family (family Scombridae) of order Perciformes. It is commonly found in the Indian and West Pacific oceans, and their surrounding seas. It is an important food fish and is commonly used in South and South-East Asian cuisine.

Oily fish has been linked to many health benefits, including a lower risk of heart disease, improved mental ability, and protection from cancer, alcohol-related dementia, and rheumatoid arthritis. From a nutritional point of view, oily fish is a good source of protein and omega-3s

MACKEREL is one of the loveliest of fishes, one of the tastiest, one of the cheapest and one that is still plentiful. … Even more than most fish, mackerel is best eaten when it is super-fresh.

Government dietary guidelines recommend that people eat fish twice a week. And we know that fish are full of omega-3 fatty acids—which can benefit both heart and brain. … While it might be safe to eat fish every day, Rimm says it’s still not clear if there is any added health benefits to that level of consumption


Nutrient (per 100 gms of Bangda – Mackerel)
Calories 134
Protein (grams) 26
Total Fat (Grams) 2.6
Carbs 0
Saturated Fat 0.5
Cholestrol (mg) 68
Sodium (mg) 203
Potassium (mg) 558



recipe: Mangalore Bangude (Mackerel) Rawa Fry

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