Bombay Duck (Bombil – Curry Cut)

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Count: 10-20 Small Bombil  in a kg | Head Removed & Cleaned | Weighed before Cleaning – 30 % – 40% wastage after cleaning

Min QTY: 0.5 Kg | Max QTY: 3 Kg

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Bombay Duck is native to the waters in Maharashtra, and a small number are also found in the Bay of Bengal. This fish is often dried and salted before it is consumed. Fresh fish is usually fried and served as a starter. In Mumbai, Konkan, and the western coastal areas in India, this dish is popularly known as “Bombil”

Its consumption can help in decreasing the blood triglyceride levels. This again calls for a healthy heart! It contains chondroitin sulfate, which helps in building cartilage. It is a stiff and inflexible connective tissue found in many areas in the body.

There is a mystery about how this dried fish came by its name. The name has nothing to do with ducks. During the British Raj, the Europeans could not stand the smell of the fish drying in the sun. It reminded them of the odor of the wooden railroad cars of the Bombay Mail train, which surely turned musty and pungent during the monsoon. The Hindi word for mail is “dak”, hence the Bombay-Dak, or Bombay-Duck.”

An alternative explanation I have heard is that the Victorians were embarrassed to refer to bummalo fish because it sounded rude. They decided to make up a name similar to another dried fish called a “Digby Chick”, dried herring.

Bombay Duck  Nutrition facts per 100 gms
Calories 68
Protein (grams) 14
Total Fat (Grams) 1
Carbs 1
Saturated Fat 0
Cholestrol (mg) 0
Sodium (mg) 0
potassium 0



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